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Darwin Day at the DMNS

Book Discussions

Social Gatherings

4th Sunday – 5pm Monthly Meeting.  Like every dynamic organization, we have regular activities. At present, we have our monthly meetings, on the 4th Sunday of the month.  Most months we have a speaker on a topic related to humanism.

Jefferson Unitarian Church 14350 W 32nd Ave, Golden, CO (map)

2nd Saturday – 2pm  FROG Book Club meeting (Freethinkers Reading Opportunity Group) Join the Jefferson Humanists’ book group. Each month is a different book or topic.  Come to the discussion prepared to share information. See for each month’s topic or book and the location and time.

See also the FROG page for a complete list of book titles and dates.

3rd Wednesday – 7pm  Monthly Dinner/Social
Join your fellow Humanists for socializing.  Check the calendar or for this month’s location. Look for the Jefferson Humanists sign at our table.

Jefferson Political Action Task Force (JPAT)  We’ve recently formed a Legislative Action Task Force (JPAT) to make our voices heard in government on humanists issues that we think are important to our members and to all humans.  At our first event we had over 150 people show up!   For more information about JPAT and to join this group, see for event meetings, locations and times.

1st Saturday of every Month – Monthly Walk/Hike with 2 Levels of Challenge  If you like walking and enjoying the splendor of nature, we invite you to join us for our new monthly event, a nature walk/hike with two routes, each with a different level of difficulty. It is a great chance to get some exercise while enjoying the company of your fellow humanists.

Hosted by: Matthew Elisha (Organizer), Tom Kellogg (Assistant Organizer), and Jim Bole

3rd Saturday Morning – 10-12 AM,  “Humanist Perspectives” –   An Exploration Series

The Jefferson Humanists Chapter of the American Humanist Association is very pleased to offer a regular explorations series on 3rd Saturdays,  at Jefferson Unitarian Church (JUC). Each session will be slightly different and include several segments to showcase aspects of Humanism through a presentation, videos, movies , forums and explorations, followed by discussions. We will include time for participants to socialize and get acquainted, in keeping with our chapter goal of building community.

As an example, this month, we will feature some wonderful Humanist and Atheist video shorts, along with an ongoing segment where several volunteers get to tell a 5 minute story of their journey to Humanism, followed by discussions. Videos will be 5 to 12 minutes long, and feature Richard Dawkins, Seth Andrews, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Aron Ra and one or two others.

The Journey to Humanism segment will be 3 persons from the audience each giving a timed 5 minute story of their journey. Many folks come from a religious background, and it is fascinating to hear how they managed to not only overcome their ingrained beliefs, but also deal with the resistance of family and friends. Everyone has a different story to tell. Discussions will follow each presentation.

Please RSVP through this Meetup, to Jim Bole (, or Tom Kellogg (, so we have an estimate of food and drinks required.

Create-your-own Activities:  As members express their interests, we will add those that have enough people interested to make it a viable, long-term, activity. For example, we are seriously considering a singing group and have been searching for motivated members to form a Member2Member group where Chapter members help other members who need assistance. Look for information coming soon. Lastly, we invite members to come up with ideas for “get-togethers.” If two or more people want to get together for a Humanist-related activity, then  propose it. As an example, a hiking group has been mentioned. See the individual pages under this tab for more information about our activities.