FROG (Freethinkers Reading Opportunity Group) – Book Club

The Jefferson Humanists’ book club, known as the Freethinkers Reading Opportunity Group (or FROG for short), meets every month to discuss humanist themes in books, both fiction and non-fiction.  Past books have included, Half-Earth, Good without God, The Martian, The Sixth Extinction, The God Delusion, 1984, The Blind Watchmaker, Moral Tribes, The Selfish Gene and many more.  We’ve also read books on select topics, like Islam, Thomas Jefferson, Famous Humanists, Political Extremism, Robot and Overpopulation, all leading to lively discussions.

We invite you to join the FROGs.  We always have great conversations and a good time!  If you are interested in being added to future FROG email notices, contact book group leader, Matthew Elisha (, 303-432-8694).

You also can find notices of our meetings, with location & other details, on Meetup at  You can also download a bookmark with a reminder of about all of our upcoming books and topics.

FROG Book Discussion Schedule – 2017-2018

Here  is our planned schedule through early 2018.  Meetings are typically held on the afternoon of the 2nd Saturday of the month, usually at a JeffCo Library meeting room.  Schedule is subject to change.  Be sure to go to our Meetup site to register to attend and to find out about any last-minute changes in location, date, time, etc.

SAT, SEPT 9, 2017 – The Plot Against America by Phillip Roth

SAT, OCT 14, 2017 – Revelation by Carter Wilson

SAT, NOV 11, 2017 – Debunk It!  How to stay sane in a world of misinformation by John Grant

SAT, DEC 9, 2017 – The Righteous Mind:  Why good people are divided by politics and religion by Jonathan Haidt

SAT, JAN 13, 2018 – Topic:  The Enlightenment

SAT, FEB 10, 2018 – Lamb:  The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

SAT, MAR 10, 2018 – The Political Mind:  Why you can’t understand 21st-century American politics with an 18th-century brain by George Lakoff 

SAT, APR 14, 2018 – Trust Us, We’re Experts:  How industry manipulates science and gambles with your future by John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton


Past Books